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To engineer top-notch and budget-friendly solutions, enhancing the lives of people across the globe.


Warehouse International Private Limited empowers the creation of quality, cost-optimized smart products and solutions, enabling our customers to thrive in a dynamic world. Committed to shaping the future of electronic manufacturing in India, Warehouse International Private Limited strives to deliver unparalleled value to customers, employees, and ecosystem partners. Our focus is on providing top-notch service and innovative solutions, positioning Warehouse International Private Limited as a leader in the industry..


Warehouse International Private Limited, dedicated to becoming the nation’s top electronic manufacturer, empowers a smart future for all, prioritizing excellence, innovation, and customer trust.

Dedicated Team Behind Warehouse International Mission and Vision
warehouse International Team: Shaping the Future of Electronic Manufacturing
Warehouse International Team: Building a Bright Future

About us

Warehouse International Private Limited is a leading supplier of fast-moving manufacturing and factory equipment, headquartered in Greater Noida with branches in Chennai and China. Established in 2016, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ability to provide cutting-edge products that adhere to the latest market trends. We take pride in delivering these products promptly to Warehouse International Private Limited’s customers’ premises. Beyond industrial solutions, Warehouse International Private Limited offers a diverse range of products spanning home appliances, automotive, e-commerce, EV motors, panels, cleansers, and more. This broad portfolio positions us as a comprehensive solution provider catering to a multitude of industries. Warehouse International Private Limited’s dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction establishes Warehouse International Private Limited as a trusted partner in the success of our clients. With a strategic presence in Greater Noida and global branches, Warehouse International Private Limited is positioned to contribute significantly to the evolving landscape of manufacturing and supply.

Under the guidance of Mr. Tapas, our director, we have achieved significant success in this industry. Warehouse International Private Limited’s mission is to deliver optimal solutions to our valued customers, ensure their satisfaction, and concurrently contribute to youth employment.

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